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MONFARA 12V 24V Car Automotive Motorcycle Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair Led Display For Auto Truck Lead Acid Batterie


AU ( 110V-250V )EU ( 110V-250V )UK ( 110V-250V )US ( 110V-250V )
AU ( 110V-250V )
AU ( 110V-250V )
EU ( 110V-250V )
EU ( 110V-250V )
UK ( 110V-250V )
UK ( 110V-250V )
US ( 110V-250V )
US ( 110V-250V )
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MONFARA 12V 24V Car Automotive Motorcycle Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair Led Display For Auto Truck Lead Acid Batterie

Monfara Automotive Battery Charger Describition:

1,this product is applicable to the 12V/24V, 6AH to 120AH lead acid battery, including GEL,UPS, VRLA , wet or dry battery , maintenance-free battery

2,Advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) technology is used to automatically charge batteries through a 4-stage charging cycle

3,The battery life can be significantly improved by digital pulse repairing method for the power chips of micro computers
4,Constant voltage charging will be arranged to provide various protections and avoid over-voltage,over-current,over-beating and electrode-positive,ect.
5,When the red indicator light of charging stops flashing or is dark,and as well as the current indicator fell to about 1 bars condition,the charging mode will change to floating charging,means the battery charging being finished.
6,The 12V input when automatic charging mode,Full electric voltage of 13.8V to 14.3V,about 16V input when manual charging mode,must be artificial monitoring in case of overcharge if manual mode charging,suggest stop charging when the battery beating.
7,Do not block cooling hole or use the charger with the cooling fan off.

Monfara Automotive Battery Charger Advantage:

1,There has strong fan,the speed can be 4500/min;
2,Stable performance,stopped automatic when charge full,pulse auto revive and maintenance battery;
3,Overheating protection:when the temperature of charger is over 105 C,the charger will stop working,when the temperature reduce to 80 C or turn off the power 10 minutes the charger can work again;
Short circuit protection:when there has short circuit the charger stopped output and has a beep alert;
4,when the battery single cell voltage is lower than 1.5V the charger can’t start and has a beeb alert,avoid damage battery;
5,when the polarity of charger is adverse with battery,the charger will close automatic and has beeb alert.

Introduction of 5-stage mode:

No-load mode: when there has no load connected with charger,the LED Screen will show voltage only,the power is about 2W;
Constant current: means the battery voltage is lower than the set voltage of charger,then the charger supply constant charging current to maintenance both battery and battery charger;
Constant Voltage: advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) technology,control the charger’s current and output voltage accurate,avoid overcharge;
Floating charge mode: when the battery is going to be charged full,the charger will stop charging,but still supply constant floating voltage and small current to battery;
Trickle charge mode: when the battery voltage and current is approaching the set voltage and current,it will turn to trickle floating charge from automatic mode,it means charge full,also can be charged with floating mode.
This item can be used both 110V/220V of input AC power

The difference between manual and automatic mode:
Manual: It can be used for small capacity,Low temperature(under 0 C) and large Internal resistancethe battery,charging current is bigger than automatic so it take less time than automatic,but there must has human monitoring to avoid damage battery,when the battery shell has temperature must stop charging!using manual mode can’t more than 1 hour!
Automatic:pulg AC power first then connect battery with charger,it will recognize volgate automatic,telligent and convenient.
Highly recommended:in the winter(under 0 C),use automatic mode to charge full first then use manual mode for 0.5-1 hours.
LED screen: it shows both voltage and current, charging Percentage and differnt charging mode with Chinese.
Identify 6V/12V intelligent,the charging light will bright when charging,when charging full the light will off
Red is anode,black is cathode

Best use for 12v/24v , 6AH – 120AH Lead-Acid Battery ,

including GEL, UPS, VRLA , Wet or Dry battery , maintenance-free battery.

Monfara Automotive Battery Charger Parameters:

Input Voltage: 110-250V
Output voltage: 12V/24V
Current:12A peak for 12V, 10A peak for 24V
Best for Battery : 6AH – 120AH
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Length of output wire:65cm
Length of input wire:125cm
dimension: 14*19*7cm
Gross weight: 1kg
Application: best suitable for 6-120AH lead acid batteries (including wet and dry)


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MONFARA 12V 24V Car Automotive Motorcycle Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair Led Display For Auto Truck Lead Acid Batterie<

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Weight 0,99 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm
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Car Automotive Battery Charger

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100% Original MONFARA Automotive Battery Charger


1 Year Warranty

Input Volt

110V – 250V


12A peak for 12V, 10A peak for 24V

Batterie Capatity

6 AH to 120 AH

Charge Frequency

50-60 HZ

Suitable Battery

12V 24V Car Automotive Auto Moto Truck Lead Acid Batterie

Details 1

Intelligent Pulse Repair Led Display Car Motorcycle Battery Charger

Details 2

MONFARA Car Automotive Auto Moto Truck Motorcycle Battery Charger

Details 3

12V 24V Car Motorcycle Automotive Auto Moto Truck Battery Charger


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